Joy Mar

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Hammering Nails

Everyone knows one needs nails in life
to build things and keep them together.
Some are long and thin with sharply pointed tips.
Others are short, thick, and blunt on the end.
Everyone who has used them to build anything
knows that there are mixed varieties in-between.

Some, with well-rounded heads, avoid rough edges.
Others have level heads that fit the purpose better.
Some of those heads are too large for the job,
while others barely seem to have a head, at all.
It’s good to have a collection of nails on hand
ready to hammer whatever life demands.

Pray they don’t get too exposed to the elements.
Such exposure could result in oxidation’s rust.
There is much danger lurking in a compromised nail.
So, exercise caution not to get pierced by one, requiring
a shot against tetanus that could result in gangrene,
from walking through the artifice of the political scene.

© Joy Martin 2016

Southern-born, Joy now makes her home in New England.  Her poems explore the many facets of life, including her and broader humanity’s place and challenges within it.

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2 Responses to Joy Mar

  1. MaryJo says:

    Who would have thought a political poem using nails? Like Dennis’ with trees. I am awed at this strong beginning, and am learning from both of you.

  2. William Lord says:

    I like that your poem hints at a candidate or two without being overt. Effective imagery.

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