Dennis Price

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With each side trying to define the other by paying great fees
We might gain an insight beyond their bark
If we look at the candidates as trees
For in their trunks is their history’s ark

Like a crown of thorns Cruz’s branches twist all around
Swaying in the wind his trunk makes a creaking sound
And like his born-again roots get in my pipes
His branches banging on my bedroom windows make me go yipes

Then there’s Trump
Standing like a sequoia
Who when he takes the stump
If you’re not white, is going to annoy ya

While he’s got many rings in his trunk
There’s a lots of bugs and fire scars too
While all the little plants and animals below have shrunk
Way up top his dollar canopy has made it through

Now Hillary’s opponents call her a congenital liar
Though their pants are much more on fire
Any trunk as experienced and tall as she’s got
Is bound here or there to have a tight Knot

Even if picking up an odd speaking fee
Or emailing secrets with the wrong technology
They become stronger parts of the tree
Not its leaf and policy

Not a Maple syrup-filled liberal college giver
Nor a fella with a moral-filled Arrow quiver
Not some reality show joke
Hillary Clinton is a tall, sturdy oak.

© Dennis Price 2016

Dennis Price is a father, husband, general contractor, producer of the Radio Hotline, and an aspiring children’s book author. He has a cat and lives in Arlington, VA.

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2 Responses to Dennis Price

  1. MaryJo says:

    What a clever poem. I enjoyed reading about these candidates as trees and although I don’t agree with you, I love what you’ve done.

  2. I agree that this is a very clever poem. I just shared it with a friend of mine who will love it!

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