David Lego

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let’s build up high walls
and take hard stances
let’s pound our plowshares
into swords and spears and lances

let’s wreck it or wreak havoc
let’s drone over sovereign skies
let’s publicize what is private
and ignore the children’s cries

let’s stump the citizen’s perception
let’s trump the aces with a king
after all what we fear is from itself
winning after all, is the main thing

let’s toss plastic platitudes blithe
let’s put thinking reason on autopilot
let’s cover avarice behind disguise
let’s chant and rage and street-riot

in past compromise was commonplace
in past neighbors waved across fences
in past opponents allowed to save face
but no more do we make amends

this is our party, this is our pride
this is how we want to be led
prediction of catastrophe rampant besides
we cattle, cow or bull, are all corn-fed

follow the ass in front, trod the chute
now the masses demand their meet
our constitution of happiness’ pursuit
where our wants far exceed our needs

© Dave Lego 2016-03-20

Dave is a foundering member of a cerebral society and proud beyond means of recognition, of contributions to ineffectual studies both domestic and foreign; he brings to his efforts a simplicity that hints at his thought processes while belying extensive training. He lives near the coast in Middling.

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