Cloudism Event

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Cloudism Event
Original Text by Mike Maggio
The stage is empty except for a chair and a small writing table.
On the table are some colored pens, sheets of paper, paper scissors and tape.
Enter silently and sit in empty chair.
Wear face covering (e.g. ski mask) and removable overalls.
The word cloudism.appears on the front and back of the overalls and on the face covering.
Hide white space.
The sound of sky.
The light of day.
Select one member of audience to respond using the tools on the writing table.
Audience member responds verbally or visually.
Audience member tapes paper to overalls.
Audience member selects another person from the audience.
Second audience member responds to previous member’s line or to cloudism.
Each audience member repeats until everyone has responded and taped to zippable overalls.
Stand up.
Remove overalls.
Drape over chair.

Copyright 2007 and 2014 by Mike Maggio

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