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Published by Plain View Press and supported, in part, by a grant from the Puffin FoundationdeMOCKracy began as a visceral reaction to the Bush adminstration’s unjustified aggressions in Iraq.

Starting with the pre-invasion protest on the Capital Mall in Washington DC on January 18, 2003, the book follows the progression of the administration’s war on Iraq and on the democratic institutions on which our country was founded.

Many of the pieces in this collection have previously appeared in print and web publications, including The L.A. Weekly,Critical Perspectives on Accounting Journal, Blue Collar ReivewBeltway, the D.C. Poets Against the War Anthologyand others.

deMOCKracy can be purchased directly from Plain View Press or from Amazon and other on-line bookstores. You can also request your local bookstore to stock it on their shelves.

Copies of deMOCKracy are available through this site for $14.95 plus shipping.


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