Jack Underhill

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I gazed out the doorway
All I could see was milk sky.
Water still as ice.
I was consumed with love.
I lost your love
Above that brief reverie
The dark air came in like a shroud over the lake
On the shore were broken needles
I went out, tried to retrieve them
I was consumed with evening sorrow
A sense of rest
I forgave you when I lost your love
I will endure.
Birds waft air born, water-torn over the waterfront.
My bones were cold
A lone fire on the beach.
I dreamt of escape
I planted my seeds in the sand
Stars of your perfume linger
Kindness of your laughter remains
Lost love lingers.
© 2017 Jack Underhill
Jack Underhill has a PhD from George Mason University in public policy (1995), a Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard (1969), a Masters in Public Law and Government from Columbia University (1959), a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from University of California at Berkeley (1954).   He retired in 1997 after 42 years of Federal service, 33 with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  He has prepared about 10 papers for the American Society of Public administration conferences on poverty-related issues. He is the author of books on Soviet and French New Towns.  He has been a member of the poetry workshop at the Osher Life-Long Learning Institute at George Mason for 15 years, a former vice president for Northern Virginia for the Poetry Society of Virginia, and a frequent contributed to Poet’s Domain.
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