P.S. Perkins

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Behind Closed Doors

© 2017 P.S. Perkins

Pamela “P.S.” Perkins, author, poet, thespian, dancer/choreographer, storyteller, theatrical consultant, entrepreneur – is passionate about WORD POWER. Her Motto: Be true to your WORD because it will always be true to you!

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14 Responses to P.S. Perkins

  1. dave says:

    P.S.P., Let’s her hair hang down behind closed doors, nice cadence.

  2. Pat Jacobs says:

    Thought provoking, timely, and full of truisms….but then, would we expect anything less from P.S. Perkins, poet extraordinaire ? Great and compelling work Ms. Perkins!!

  3. Gregory K. says:

    P.S. Perkins. Creative as always.

  4. Dr. Cherie Ward says:

    I really like the portrait your words paint through vivid imagery which allows the reader to see behind those closed doors. Very nice!

  5. Larry Covington says:

    Good stuff Pamela Perkins! You are hyour words opeing doors.

  6. Larry Covington says:

    Good stuff Pamela Perkins! You are Opening doors with your words.

  7. Larry Covington says:

    Good stuff P.S. Perking. Keep opening doors with your words.

  8. Natalie Perkins says:

    OUTSTANDING! So much heart and emotion put into this poem. Actually makes you THINK.. Love it.

  9. Georgia M. Dunston says:

    Reality WORD poetry! Pure, poignant, and provocative! Vintage P.S. Perkins. I like its originality in presentation, yet conventional cadence.

  10. jean jacques says:

    Wonderful job ! Keep going Perkins ….

  11. Ricardo Moore says:

    Awesome poem from my Public Speaking Professor.

  12. Dennis Huffman says:

    Wonderful! Hope you’ll join in our UTC slam on the 24th. The world needs more of this.

  13. Ray Ambrose says:

    I am shaken by her words to fill my purpose and reach out to those suffering behind close doors. Ms. Perkins is a true blessing to others in love, wisdom and purpose.

  14. Selemawit Debesay says:

    Awesome job Professor Perkins, truly this poem has power.

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