Poetry Exchange

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On Saturday, October 8th, the Poetry Society of Virginia hosted a poet exchange featuring Henry Hart, the Hickman Professor of Humanities at William & Mary, and Bill Glose, Eastern Regional Vice-President of the Poetry Society of Virginia and author of three poetry collections. The event, which I hosted, was well-attended and included an open mic.

Here are links to videos of each poet who read, including those who read at our open mic:

Henry Hart: http://youtu.be/Q-9phy8CZN0

Bill Glose: http://youtu.be/knAoJrAVYyI

Connie MaKenna: http://youtu.be/TSdh9O2G6bY

Sally Zachariah: http://youtu.be/qOtcII_Wfy0

Nathaniel Walters: http://youtu.be/Jz6RoM1LtbI

Jack Underhill: http://youtu.be/nzLIPs_eS84

Rebecca Leet: http://youtu.be/jDsTZQ-h-oo

Claudia Gary: http://youtu.be/yZFApExbr_A

Mike Maggio: http://youtu.be/JC4WK8kkb2c


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