Himna Naveed

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A Spring Grew Thorns

All those moments, all that time
All I can see now,
Are the memories left behind
In my liminal space of twilight—
Imaginations come out to play
A red bud tree hunted down—
Haven for my suspended breaths
Or a Bush rose with all its might
Making its way through my sight
Burning it red, sweltering cardinal wine
Stained my life in the haze of red,
Red in my thoughts, those gaze of red
Spring hypnosis and a root Muladhara
A Red Maple grounded for its survival

Till Shades in my Life, now came across
A total catch of grey in stock
Hellebore, Bloodroot, Snowdrop
Anemone, Lilac, Redbud
All die at once, wither before my eyes
Ruins and remains,
Their dust I’m obliged to swallow
Until the venom grows stronger and stronger
And spring fades before my eyes;
Melody of its breeze left unnoticed,
The birch tree bends and shivers
Where I find my bird’s nest,
Within the driving rain.

Spring’s in the heart or is it a season?
Isn’t the dew drop a mere nuisance?
The Heart goes silent—
So does the world.

But radiations of my aura,
The Clocks of my perceptions
Still ticked in those zones of red
Time did fade but it couldn’t erase,
The red in life, memories had made
I did unwind but I couldn’t open,
Portals in my life with grey in shades;
The truths in white, the lies in black
Had a rose ever lost its spikes?

Blinded I was to my grey in reality
By the remnants of bygone;
Red Lingering fantasy
Clinging to my May time; blazed away
Setting my persona on the verge of crack
Till I chose to set my life on track
Consciously flaking the red away
To open my eyes to the “Now” in list,
And rub the red off my past-mist

Is spring a toxic memory?
Or a futures hope?
Is it a Shade of life?
Or is it a season’s heart?
Is it the meadows?
You run free and wild
Or is it a home?
Walls built for refuge
My Spring-tide had grew its thorns
For spring is a feeling
In a feeling resides spring
Can’t keep memories woven in red
But the lesson is what I’ll never forget.

© Himna Naveed 2015

Himna Naveed is a MBBS student and lives in Pakistan. She writes blogs and has won a gold medal in an essay writing competition organized by HRCA. She has also written for magazines.

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