Group Poem Project – Let’s Begin

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The group poem project has now begun, after losing yet another poet due to time constraints. So we are a total of 19 now which includes me. A manageable number and close to the number I originally wanted.

I have sent out these 5 first lines for everyone to vote on:

  1. An apple is not a story.
  2. Lift here to experience
  3. At sunset, we’re always thinking about hips.
  4. The letter “Q” stands for the month of August.
  5. On track tinkering with this range roughly

Though I was trying to avoid deadlines, I felt it necessary to do so to move things along so I’ve asked everyone to think about the lines and vote by Monday.

Note to anyone reading this: feel free to use these lines and write your own poem. Then, send your final poem to me for posting.  This will extend the project o all and will add a new dimension.


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