Scott Davis Howard

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The Post Hole Digger

© 2017 Scott Davis Howard

Scott holds an MA in British literature from the University of Montana, Missoula (2008), is an Agnes Meyer Teacher of the Year nominee, and is an author of a novel and short stories. He spends his days regaling his 12th grade students with thrilling tales about Beowulf, Sir Gawain, Macbeth, and Dorian Gray, and his nights ferrying his offspring between the soccer field and Cub Scout meetings. In his rare moments of quiet (when the children are eating snacks in the van, spilling crumbs all over the carpet), he wonders when and how he became a soccer mom. He wrote the original
draft of his debut novel, Three Days and Two Knights, on an outdated laptop, standing in his kitchen with an infant strapped to his chest.

His newest short story can be found here:

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  1. dave says:

    You wouldn’t have thought of sundial fence posts when you were in the 12th grade. More likely, that girl you sat next to, and how you could get a six-pack on Friday. A very philosophical retrospective on time and tide.

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