Tawanda E. Prince

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Haunted House

Ghosts and goblins
Monsters and ghouls
My house is haunted
Cause I’ve been a fool
Skeletons in my closet
Bones on my floor
Remnants and fragments
Of a life that is no more

Black cat in the window
Witches brew in the pot
Spooks in the alley
Trying to get what I got
And I gave of myself
When the fire got hot

Jack was no lantern
And the monster didn’t mash
The noise that was heard
Was my heart as it crashed
When the mummy came walking
With his crystal balls
My house wasn’t ready
Cob webs on my walls
He slipped in beside me
And troubled my head
My house became haunted
When he got in my bed

Rats and rattlesnakes
Spiders and worms
Taunting and teasing
Each one took a turn
This vampire was thirst
For a taste of my blood
Each kiss was more deadly
Each time we made love

Then he just vanished
Before one early dawn
Blood on my carpet
Tombstone on my lawn
Now my house is haunted
There is no doubt
I can’t escape it
My secret is out
Skeletons in my closet
Bones on my floor
Remnants and fragments
Of a life that is no more.

©1998 Tawanda E. Prince

Tawanda Prince, a native New Yorker, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, from Hunter College; and a Master of Arts in Teaching, from Bowie State University.

Tawanda Prince, “The Good Life Coach”, is a published author, dynamic conference and retreat speaker, knowledgeable teacher, and compassionate mentor and life coach. Her professional profile includes a diverse background of teaching, writing, leadership and communication.  She also conducts personal, spiritual and professional development workshops across the country.

Tawanda has written and produced two gospel stage plays; Timeless: A Soulful Christmas Musical, and Put a ring On It. Additionally, she is the author of three empowering books, Wonderful Words of Life, Nouns, Verbs and Other Words and Thunder Knocking at My Heart.  Tawanda’s creative talents as a poet, singer, songwriter, drummer and actress have been widely showcased and she has various television, radio, stage and performing credits to add to her list of accomplishments. You may contact her at CoachTawandaprince@gmail.com or www.Thegoodlifecoach.net.

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  1. dave says:

    Ms.Prince came a telling
    of a hoary night’s happenin’
    a spooky tale of love’s woe
    witches stirring and cackling
    of lovely tale of imbroglio

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