No, Achilles – Table of Contents

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Some of you have asked me which poets are included in the No, Achilles anthology, so I am providing here a link to the full table of contents.  In addition, here is what has been said about the volume:

“No, Achilles reminds us of the brutal realities that are
the tragic commonplaces of our world. Perhaps we should
spend a day with it, a week, a month, a lifetime-until it
reminds us of that moral imperative we too frequently
forget: the suffering of others is our own.”
-Randall Watson, Poet/Editor, Blue Lynx Prize Winner

“No, Achilles should be read by every politician of ev-
ery country who thinks to wage war without considering
the consequences on human lives and culture, the future of the ‘children who lose their way.'”
=Mong-Len, Poet & Stegner Fellow, Stanford Universi

“It’s easy to forget that we live and travel over a globe
layered in histories of conflict and tenuous resolution.
The poems in No, Achilles do not forget this. They mourn
and praise, extol and sorrow through the aftermath and
happenstance of political aggression.”
-Conor Bracken. MFA. University of Houston

In addition, Carolyn Forché of Georgetown University has this to say about Against Agamemnon, the anthology that preceded No, Achilles:

The French Resistance poet Robert Desnos once wrote “for the earth is a camp lit by thousands of spiritual fires,” and he saw that in times such as his and our own “one bivouacs all over the world.” These poems are written by the light of those fires. We owe a debt of gratitude to James Adams for retrieving them from our present darkness.

Here is a link to the full Table of Contents.

No, Achilles can be purchased directly from Waterwood Press:

WaterWood Press
47 Waterwood
Huntsville, Texas 77320

Or contact the publisher at

Peace to all in the coming New Year.





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2 Responses to No, Achilles – Table of Contents

  1. Sonya Kassam says:

    Hello Mike, So nice to stumble onto your site. I am also a contributor to No, Achilles (Poem no. 29)

    I hadn’t received my copy of the publication nor heard from them so I was just wondering if the anthology has been published and whilst searching online I found your blog. I think I may have to send them a letter to follow up.

    • Mike Maggio says:

      Hi Sonya: Thanks for your message. You should definitely contact them for your copy. Also, please consider joining my 30 for 30 celebration for National Poetry Month. Simply send me an email or respond here that you are interested in joining. More details are on my site. Best wishes, Mike

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