Graham Pilato

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Ostrich Sympathies in Archaeology (v. 3 of So Cold in My Room…)

Researching innocence means rubble gets found.
This is another ancient language. I can’t—
loud things, the past with a crunch.
Who hides from
the coming war pattern slides down
under politician rocks.
Communicate over billennia,
be megastatic.
Command the dust to stir.
All the ages all delayed…
It’s like a dream to be with you again,
away from all harm.

Asafoetida, then,
a burnt tongue,
the ended rain of cameras down,
put me, down the
rabbit hole,
last lit
the tiny car lights coming out of the earth.

Self-burial is a pattern, but the memories
are a necklace of many strange beads, rubbing
down inside the heartburn, the stars
inside tin livers, fighting off
high birds, mad drivers,
a canon ‘gainst self-slaughter,
a mediocre track record,
a man that looks like me
that’s as old as the seas.

© Graham Pilato 2014

Graham Pilato is a Baltimore/Washington D.C. area actor and an MFA Acting student at Catholic University of America. He is a member of Cloudism with Allison Fuentes and Mike Maggio and Artistic Director of Borealis Theatre;  both groups create interactive performance and happenings on streets, stages, and in galleries. http://grahampilato.com

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