Victoria Taylor – Second Place Winner

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The Day When Poison Takes Over

The great big world, with little lives
They all think they will thrive
Living content with their work
While our race slowly kills the earth
The smoke swallows the air
Trees fall to their death
We are killing the very things that keep us alive.
We are living as if our lives are the only things that matter
As if we are the ones who are superior.
Grass turning black
As we hack
All of the remaining plants off this earth.
Clouds weep as the poison enters their veins
Turning their skin dark.
With every blink the world begins to crumble slowly
Dying before our eyes.
We all stand by like children in line for ice cream.
And so the smoke cloud swallows the earth
And while the humans stand by and watch
They wish they would have done something sooner.

© Victoria Taylor 2015

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  1. Sistah Joy says:

    Great poem!

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