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April is gone and, with it, the 30 for 30 poetry event. It’s now time to vote for your favorite poem.

If you have not had a chance to read the poems posted during April, please take some time to do so. We had some very fine poems this year from some very find poets, so read through them, choose one and vote for it by going to The poll will be on the right side of the main  web page.  The poet whose poem gets the most votes will get a signed copy of my novel, The Wizard and the White House. The poll will be open until May 6th. And please note: you may only vote once.

So spread the word. And thanks to all the poets who participated this year and to those individuals who shared their comments.



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2 Responses to Vote for Your Favorite 30 for 30 Poem

  1. that *#&$ reader! says:

    alright Mike, i re-read them all an’ my vote (vote early, vote often!) is for Instructions To Child Victims…the strength of the message and its irony is the firmest of this firmament.

  2. Kelly Darby says:

    Arbor politics
    By Dennis Price

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