The Vivisection Mambo

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The Vivisection Mambo, an anthology of poetry in what is being billed as the New Neo-Realist School, has just been released. Along with one of my most reprinted poems, “Oranges from Palestine,” the anthology includes poetry from such luminaries as Allen Ginsberg, Phillip Larkin, e e Cummings and Langston Hughes as well as such contemporary poets as Kate Gale and Erika Meitner.


Here is a review of the book from Kirkus Reviews.

I would also like to mention my recent review of Madeleine Mysko’s Stone Harbor Bound which appears in this month’s Midwest Book Review.

And, finally, I will be facilitating a poetry workshop on October 31st for the DC Poetry Project at the Shaw Library in Washington DC from 11-1.

Thanks and enjoy the fall foliage.

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