Steve Herring

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May I have another

This spring, I found a fault line in your poem,

but what I saw crumbling was me not you.

You said, enjambment’s good, keep going.

Kindly, you offered me synesthesia, but I end-stopped.

With great consonance, your persona winded up

and cold-cocked me like a batter bunting a ball.

I turned like Derek Jeter and rounded a constellation.

Knocked off my feet, I hit the ground like a quatrain.

Who else but me gets sucker punched in a poem?

© Steve Herring 2015

Steve Herring is from Waltham, MA but now resides in Northern Virginia. He started writing poetry after serving 21 years in the Army. He has a degree in English from Suffolk University, and later earned his MFA at Northeastern University. He’s an active member of the Shirlington Library, Poetry Workshop.   His poem Jump for Joy was published in the summer edition of Poetry Quarterly 2014 and I Enjoy a Cool Pillow, You was published in the spring The Unrorean, Broadsheet 2015. Steve’s goal is to show the relevance of poetry.

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6 Responses to Steve Herring

  1. Cheryl Ford says:

    Love this!!

  2. Shavaun Callahan says:

    I vote for “May I Have Another”.

  3. sabine herb says:

    I vote for
    May I habe another by Steve Herring
    Thank you !

  4. John says:

    Great poem… I vote for “may I have another”… 🙂

  5. Karin Eßer says:

    I’ll vote for Steve Herring “May I Have Another!”

  6. Maureen Ford says:

    I vote for Steve Herring’s outstanding “Mai I Have Another.”

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