Sophy Burnham

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To a powerful politician

One day I saw a stranger’s soul
When he came riding on a horse.
He made it pirouette in gold caparison,
Prance out bold deeds, strike sparks for my delight,
Brag proclamations of his might,
Drum thunder from the height.

But I was taken by an air instead
So soft he did not know it hovered near,
A tendril, valiant in its yearning how to grow,
A wisp of breath, a bleeding wonderment,
A hurt, a dear intent,
Its fragile strength unspent.

He thought it due his mastery, control, his huntsman’s seat
When I knelt marveling at his horse’s feet.

(c) 2015 Sophy Burnham

Author of 15 books, three on the New York Times bestseller list, Sophy Burnham is best known for her ground-breaking books on things spiritual. Her latest novel, Love, Alba is a Finalist in IndieFab Best Book of the Year Award for small press books.
Her book of poetry, Falling: Love-Struck will be published in June.

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  1. Gabbie says:

    This poem simply, is wonderful. The draw of the two sides displayed contrary to each other as an idea is lovely and how they how they merge. I like this

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