Pat Falk

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Perennial, A Song

Because it is spring I will try again,
because I love silence and darkness
and the coming of light          because I still
seek signs, wanting to believe
that you too, miles away
have risen.

I stumble half asleep to a window left
open all night, part the thin white curtain,
damp from last night’s snow. I heard
a song in my sleep, perhaps the snow
fell on me like music, bedding
down the earth.

Have you seen the snow?
Have you heard strange songs too difficult
to sing because they’re so close to the truth?
I wake this morning without husk, without
a mask; rooted in silence and darkness,
moving again toward the light.

© Pat Falk 2015

Pat Falk is a Professor of English at Nassau Community College in Garden City, New York. The author of four books, her work has appeared in several journals including The New York Times Book Review, Women Artists News, and The American Book Review. Visit her website at

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2 Responses to Pat Falk

  1. Marian Shapiro says:

    Beautiful, the juxtaposition of snow and newness of Spring, darkness and new light.

  2. MaryJo says:

    Marian said it all. Just a beautiful poem and so well crafted.

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