Group Poem Project Now Under Way

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The Group Poem Project has now begun. We have a very diverse, very interesting group of poets who hail from various parts of the United States as well as France and Germany. I could not have asked for a better response, and I am most intrigued by the international component. It’s my interest in languages, and I am intrigued with the mixing of languages in text (remember Talking Heads, Blondie?).

Currently, we are introducing ourselves via email and everyone is quite enthusiastic so far.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will update this site with my thoughts as we go forward. It will be interesting to see how this progresses and to look at the process as we go on as well as my own thoughts and feelings. And I must say, my initial ones consisted of the usual anxiety that comes when I do something like this: what will people think? Will anyone find this interesting? Will anyone participate? Will I get the number of people I set out to get?

My anxieties now turn to these: Will we be able to keep up the momentum? Will people get bored? How to keep everyone engaged? After all, you contribute a line and then you’re done, right? Wrong, I hope.

So, a diary of sorts for those who are interested. I have one chap whose email moniker is “useful.” Let’s hope this project will live up to that moniker.

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