Gabrielle Treadwell

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Oh America
(A love story)

End the stipulator, regulations that
end in life or death situations.
K-BOOM! this idealist society that everything and everyone is Equal
It’s insulting.
“This land is my land?”  Well is it?
Or is it just contingent on who wears the drawers-

I’m no politician
Smile, Wave
Dance; shuffle, lie
Step; side side smile!

When the basic need is neglected; Love
“One nation under God” Ha
I guess it depends on what God you serve-
And it better not be the God or pray 5 times a day unless your nationless- (no edit necessary)
Boldly America stands; no Muslims in this land
Yes rules apply and lives do matter-
But all lives have not always mattered.
Only when there is a buck to be made or an office to be won
That’s when you see We America matter

I laugh
Truly for our America to be “great” again
Love is supreme
The pure essential things require a level of
Fundamental love; compassion
“Land that I love” where has the love gone?

Into ideology, into a power play of a power ball that we America will never have the winning number
Until we let love lead
Elect Love
Listen; love
Care without sense of self; love

“Land of the free, home of the brave”
How brave can America be to end racial inequalities?
How brave can elects be to just say No to the drug companies
Padding pockets to keep America “healthy”
More like hooked with side effects that are FDA approved
Of course!

The harsh realities is love is decaying-
And like a plant we must water it
We must give America sunlight
We must prune America
And wait for the proper fruit to yield

But to a force feed society the inbreeds the monopolized
Media with its propaganda of encoding to make US think
As if America can’t think to speak for itself and its needs.
We are categorized as a brain washed society constantly watching
Entertaining an idiot box to tell us OUR reality.
To give us our… What?
American dream?
Make peace; love

Contradicting my first response; in order to have peace
Our turpitude system of justice won’t allow until deals are made
Contract is signed and new laws are made for us people by those people who have an income interest.
Power play-

Them people who decide my health care
What my child is taught
What is palatable to be said on
Media that won’t rise to many suspicions
I mean eyebrows I mean-
Wait YES I mean suspicions

While those that choose are never the afflicted
Never the first wounded in battle
Never the one to take the sacrifice; a tax cut
No instead I’m infected, higher education
Just be better, it’s a race, a rat race who gets the cheese first?
“Land of the free, home of the brave” only freedom had a price tag.

© Copyright 2016 Gabrielle Treadwell

Hello, I am Gabrielle I go by Rielle LaNoir love in the poetry realm. I am from the mid-west but practically was born and raised here in the DMV area with two Military parents. I have been a lover of the pen and pad since I could write. I am a mother, a wife, artist, and a business owner (entrepreneur) with a lot of aspirations and goals to complete. I believe in a community life style, in the sense that everyone has something to offer and we should support each other and add to each other fill in were one might be weaker, I think that is what will make even greater success and stronger sense of self.

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