Dave Lego

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News in the Literary Review

Eight authors were killed today,
some of them, somewhat prominent,
and an unknown number were injured,
when a very large crowd of words
came rushing toward them, and
crushed them under the throng.

Hundreds of onlooking readers were aghast
at the sight of surprised writers,
running from the tens of thousands
of words, phrases, and stanzas shouting
loud rhyming, some carrying sharpened prose.

A bloody mass of heaping humanity
was cast over the civil edge into
a brownish-reddish swaled blog beside as
poets, slammers, and lyricists fled.

Many widows and orphans sat beside the ruck,
weeping softly near the edges of their pages,
stunned, stupefied, even utterly dumbfounded
as multi-syllabic words flashed their anger,
and chased the writers to a gruesome end.

Diphthongs and anagrams on the scene said
that they’d never seen such a riot of language
or a plethora of grammatical constituents
rise up against their mortal masters.

The literary community is expressing
their deepened sorrow and angst with
a spontaneous outpouring of pens, pencils
steno pads, and small digital tablets
left at the scene of the rampage.

Editors, secretaries, and linguists unified
to say that the guilty will be found, caught,
and expunged from the lexicography of
modern civil discourse and authorship
“Words cannot express our feelings” they said.

© Dave Lego 2013-02-12

Investigation at the scene continues.
One eyewitness said “I saw Dave fleeing,
just ahead of some run-on sentences, only
steps away from jumping over an epilogue
to safety. I turned away…I just couldn’t look.”
It is believed he did not escape.

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