Dave Lego

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timed passage

go out in the field with that
helmeted Go-Pro and press the button,
not that little clearing beside the building
but the field as wide as it is far, far out

look up and stream the dark washed sky
times elapsed in fusioned milky light
watch it arc across the chilled, stubbled field
the cold sparks beautifully splayed across

turn it over now – a bit further, roll over,
refocus, look down close at the loam laid on
set the time-lapse for lengthening days
and watch your shadow pass below you

see the seed casing crack open and
seedlings rise to first season of life
toward the now brightened sky above
listen to the cells elongate springing

against gravity to push away to up, up
sit up, or stand and raise the gaze farther
the slow pan of growth, Jacked up stalk through
sky and clouds to see what’s so big up there

© Dave Lego 2015-03-11

Dave is a foundering member of a cerebral society and proud beyond means of recognition, of contributions to ineffectual studies both domestic and foreign; he brings to his efforts a simplicity that hints at his thought processes while belying extensive training. He lives near the coast in Middling.

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5 Responses to Dave Lego

  1. William Lord says:

    Wow, I like this one a lot. Specifically, I enjoy how the poem makes the reader the subject by using commands, but shifts the focus by commanding the reader to record images. The last stanza has the effect of unifying the perspectives of the reader, the plant, and the artist. Very cool.

  2. MarianShapiro says:

    I especially like the time-lapse shift, as if we can see ourselves in the future we have come to expect. Thanks! On this spring-feeling day, I peered at the bushes with their closed buds and imagined them in time-lapse fashion opening themselves next week. Then I came home to this poem – how perfect!

  3. MaryJo says:

    I like the time-lapse shift as well. I enjoyed the visuals in this poem, seed cases breaking open, cells elongated just to mention a few. Thank you for sharing your poetry.

  4. mike says:

    Great comments everyone. Let’s keep the dialogue going.

  5. Joy says:

    “listen to the cells elongate springing against gravity…” so the poet advises and this reader obliged. Enjoyed the perspective of the “Jacked up stalk” anxious to see “what’s…up there”.

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