Carrie Teresa Maison

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Lady in Crosswalk

In pastel she sprouts,
stems elongated
by her Jimmy Choos.
She collects admirers,
on-lookers and critics
who crave secrets &
a change of season—
walk a mile in my shoes.
She lunges, and then hesitates.
A yellow cab zooms
sounding alarm, it slows
to a rolling stop.
Her pumps glide, seamless,
click-clacking over
the horizontal lines
until she skyrockets
out of breath
to the other side.

Copyright Carrie Teresa Maison. 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Carrie Teresa Maison is an English professor in the School of Arts and Sciences at Marymount University. In addition to her position at Marymount, she is also a member of the English faculty at the University of Maryland-University College. Maison holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from George Mason University and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Queens University of Charlotte. Maison is currently working towards her first collection of essays and prose. She is also a part-time freelance writer for various style and media publications.

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