A Poem from Garden of Rain

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Here’s a sample poem from my new collection, Garden of Rain.

truth is
i forget i love you


i forget
the trees
we planted
in our little forest

the raindrops
we gathered
on those grey-washed days

these days

when anger clouds your face
like a frenzied storm

when selfishness
seizes me
steals me
to my perfect, lonesome hell

truth is
we think we love
when what we love
is love itself

when we forget
the you in me
the I in you

paring through this diaphany
of grief and joy
peeling away
the layers
like the skin of a wild onion
struggling to reach
the succulent core

truth is
i forget to love

i forget
that moment
un jour
mi’ amore
when at first
at last
i knew

© 2015 Mike Maggio

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