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Vivisectiion Mambo Makes Grace Cavalieri’s Exemplar List

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Grace Cavalieri has chosen The Vivisection Mambo, edited by Lolita Lark, as one of her poetry publication exemplars in her October 2015 list in the latest edition of The Washington Independent Review of Books. In the short review, she calls … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Surrealist Alliance

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Back in the 80’s, I was a proud member (participant?  co-conspirator?) of the Los Angeles Surrealist Alliance. My tenure, so to speak, got cut short so i could go on my Middle Eastern adventure (a surrealist happening in it’s own … Continue reading

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Oranges From Palestine

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Here is the poem that appears in the new anthology, The Vivisection Mambo. This is the title poem from my chapbook which was released in 1996 and is available here. Orange From Palestine On the table oranges from Palestine. Your … Continue reading

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The Vivisection Mambo

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The Vivisection Mambo, an anthology of poetry in what is being billed as the New Neo-Realist School, has just been released. Along with one of my most reprinted poems, “Oranges from Palestine,” the anthology includes poetry from such luminaries as … Continue reading

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