What to Do On Inauguration Day

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Wear black.
Tell your friends you’re in mourning.
Shed a tear
but don’t let tears blind your way.
Fly the flag at half-mast.
If you have a pennant for your lapel,
wear it upside down
or pin directly to chest:
the blood will remind you of what you have lost.
Don‘t read the news or watch TV.
Instead, bombard them with emails and reminders:
they are responsible for your grief.
Write a letter to your congressman.
Tell her of your sorrow and pain
and ask for a waiver.
Then tear it up and toss it:
sooner or later, it will wind up in the trash.
At lunchtime,
go on a fast.
This will prepare you
for the trials to come.
When dinner arrives,
offer your hunger to the poor.
Feel righteous as you watch them nourish,
for your turn soon will come.
When the day is over,
extinguish the lights
and lie in darkness.
This will surely enlighten you
for the days that lie ahead.

© Mike Maggio 2017
January 2017

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  1. very timely poignant poem liked it a lot Mike ,makes so much sense

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