Welcome to National Poetry Month

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Welcome to National Poetry Month and to the fourth annual 30 for 30 Poetry Celebration.  This year, I am featuring poets from Maryland to Michigan and from Virginia to India. The theme is Wildest Poems, and I will be curious to see how our poets interpret this prompt and just how wild they get.

As usual, there will be a different poet each day. And, as usual, everyone will have a chance to vote on their favorite poem. The poet with the most votes will receive a copy of my new novella, The Appointment, which will be released on May 8th (though it can be pre-ordered on Amazon now).

I hope you will visit this site each day. Take a break from work, from chores, from studies, from whatever you’re doing and read a poem. It’s good for your health. And do take advantage of the many readings and poetry events that will be taking place around the country during April.

Enjoy and remember to tell your friends: poetry is the antidote.


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