Trump and the Politics of Bleach

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I was sitting in the food court in one of the largest outlet malls in the country doing one of my favorite things: watching people go by. I was waiting for my family who were doing what most people do when they go to a mall: shopping, looking at things they want but don’t need, eyeing goods supposedly on sale, an old trick to get people to buy, a trick no one ever seems to see through.

For my part, I was enjoying the panoply of American culture that paraded through this large, jam-packed space. Shades of America strutting along, dressed in all styles, dressed for all occasions. There were blacks and whites, Arabs, Indians, Asians, Hispanics: a wide range of humanity concentrated right here in this common room. There were Muslims among them, as there were Christians, and, I assume, Buddhists and Hindus and a sampling of other religions. There were families and couples and individuals, perhaps alone, perhaps, like me, waiting for their loved ones. Some were mixed: black and white, black and Asian, white and Asian, etc. And some were homogeneous. And through it all, I heard strands of English — standard, broken, black English and even a southern drawl. As there was dialects –Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and what I assumed were languages from Eastern Europe and Russia.

All here in this room. All passing by each other, politely asking if a seat at the table was available. All co-existing, perhaps oblivious, or, at least, tolerant of one another.

And then I thought of Trump, that strumpet of a “politician” if ever there was one. And I thought: if he were to get elected, if his rhetoric of deporting “Mexicans” (I doubt he could tell a Mexican from a Peruvian from an Arab or even from me, an Italian), of banning Muslims – an entire religion (would he know a Muslim from a Sikh from a Hindu from a Baha’i?) – if he did what he said, what would become of this food court? At least three-quarters of the faces I saw would be gone. Wiped out. What would he do to blacks? Would his facade of law and order wreak havoc on that already fragile community?  Imagine, black people being rounded up because, in the words of one policeman, “they are violent.” And then imagine: camps for Muslims. Holding tanks for immigrants before they are deported. Camp Mohammad or Camp Jose. You choose the name.

This is a repetition of what has gone down before. This is a broken record in the history of America that keeps skipping back. Rounding up Native Americans and putting them on “reservations.”  Putting Japanese Americans in camps. Whitewashing the language of anything outwardly Germanic (hot dog or frankfurter, your choice). These are realities that have already happened. This is the “new,” dangerous reality that is now upon us.

And so I thought: if three-quarters of everyone in this room were suddenly gone, what would happen to this food court? To this mall? To all the malls across America? They would fall empty and silent. An eerie quiet would settle — so quiet, let me tell you — because the shops and restaurants would have to close for lack of business. A great way to create jobs, Mr. Trump!

And so I ask you as you read this to not just “like” it. Share it. Share it with all you know. Share it with the closet Trumpians you suspect are you neighbors, the ones who won’t admit it, the ones who, unlike in the past, do not put yard signs in front of their homes. And ask them: is this the America you want to render with your vote? Do you really want to shut down the mall of America?

And then offer them a bottle of bleach. Ask them to open it and spill it on their most expensive garment. Their lavish evening dress. That suit they just purchased at that bargain boutique. What would become of it? Would the color fade? Would the material be ruined? Would they wear it to their next soirée? Business meeting? Or on a date with that special person they’ve been courting for so long?

I don’t want my best suit being ruined by bleach! I don’t want my flag – the red, white and blue I have cherished since my childhood, the flag I have defended in protest after protest – to be discolored.  So ask them: what happens to that flag when Trump’s toxic bleach stains that most enduring of fabrics?

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11 Responses to Trump and the Politics of Bleach

  1. Dear Miriam ,Thank you for giving Mike Maggio the opportunity to make his frank and impassioned plea for keeping the American flag unbleached,and for retaining the country as Francis Scott Key , wrote in 1814 “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Keep it up Mike,love and light,angelee

  2. Lyrie Tatoy says:

    I fear for your country just like how I fear now for the future of the Phil. in this new gov’t. that we now have. God help us.

    • Mike Maggio says:

      Yes, I fear we are on the verge of worldwide dictatorship.

      • Bill Gay says:

        I’ve said many times to many people that we are headed for a dictatorship if Trump is elected. This is a well-written piece, Mike, and I will forward it to several friends.

  3. MaryJo says:

    Powerful, Mike.
    I will post it.

  4. Remember the movie Pleasantville, where everything was black and white? But, as Mike is saying, imagine only white. We wouldn’t be able to SEE anything at all.

  5. Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment. It IS terrifying to think of a President Trump–or Dictator Trump. Thank you for expressing our fears so well.

  6. Dennis Price says:

    Would trump be so bad? think he might. but when I listen to him he makes me worry. I hate to be so anti some one because he dose represent the views of many but he’s just a disaster in the making. not only because I do not want the republican notion of what the nations is, but because the people that trump brings out takes that and adds hate and prejudice to it I feel. bleach takes the color out of fabric and in to concentrated a form also damages the fibers and resolves them too.

  7. Dennis Price says:

    that was dissolves not Resolves

  8. says:

    Hi Mike,
    It is better to be wiser than allow the beautiful America to be ruin. We love this country and country of freedom but if Americans don’t act smart, everyone will face another struggle.

  9. Mike Maggio says:

    Thank you to all who took the time to read and comment. Let’s make sure we do everything we can to enable Trump’s defeat!

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