The Appointment Now Available for Pre-Order

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The Appointment, my new book due out on May 8th, is now available for pre-order.

A novella, The Appointment is a Kafkaesque tale about a man who gets lost in a heartless bureaucracy as he tries to make sense of a world that gradually becomes uncanny and uncontrollable.

Here’s what is being said about The Appointment:

Mike Maggio’s The Appointment is a contemporary tale of alienation, bureaucracy, and merciless academia. Maggio’s anti-hero tries to seek some help–some human concern for his existential plight–but, like Kafka’s K or Tolstoy’s dying Ivan Ilych, fails to find the recognition and human warmth he so desperately needs. The Appointment is a story of existence and mortality and those who avoid human community and who are ultimately left totally alone.- JUDITH MCCOMBS, THE HABIT OF FIRE: POEMS SELECTED & NEW


With all the dread-filled propulsion of certain dreams, Mike Maggio’s The Appointment runs on urgency. No time to get a grip on what just happened or what adds up: Professor Withers has been wounded somehow, and yet he still strives for agency and meaning, as though the powers of officialdom were not driving him relentlessly towards the appointed end.- MADELEINE MYSKO, BRINGING VINCENT HOME AND STONE HARBOR BOUND


-Mike Maggio has one of the weirdest minds I’ve ever come across, and like all weird minds it is fascinating, colorful, dramatic, and hilarious. Read, laugh, ponder.- SOPHY BURNHAM, AUTHOR OF LOVE, ALBA


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