Rinatt Montoya – First Place Winner

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Happy Land

Dark forsaken streets, and the poor begging on every single one.
As the light of day falls slowly so does our humanity
No one’s safe from the cruel, cruel world
We’re better dead than alive, thieves among thieves and Poor among  rich

Reality is unkind to the ignorant and misguided, but another reason to push through for the others,
As everyone suffers and dies, I’ll be watching from afar.

And when the politicians fight over the little they own, they’ll realize that
everything is over and see what they’ve done, pawns in a greater game,
and as they scream for help, I’ll whisper back “No.”

 © R1natt Montoya 2015

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  1. theval2000 says:

    wow…just, wow 🙂

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