Geoffrey D Koury

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An apple is not a story
yet its ripeness somehow balances
tipping juicily with time
forbidden to be consumed in one sitting

line by line
nibbled crisp tart words
bring saliva to my curiosity
a vast unquenchable mystery

in pale delicate flesh
seeds buried for doubting tongues
will come to life for those
not afraid to see

an apple is more than a story
its promise prim
wrapped as ruse and guise
concealing secrets of the soil

waiting in the trees
beneath chlorophyll-laden leaves
rays of sun call forth
nectar-filled flowers

crowning crimson harbingers of joy
foreteller of truths
i step carefully over
the circle of wasps

murmuring in the grass
glutted with its tissue
drunkenly earth-bound
heedless of the roaring blade

© Geoffrey D Koury 2013

Geoffrey Koury is a public servant, spectacle and struggling poet.

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