Liz Fortini

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A breath of spring

you come in the morning
from the mantle of night
in evergreen tang
beckon from my rose window

you lead me to the wayside
where I inhale sweetness
crossing into the present
I capture your sighs
now you are mine

you complete the whistle in the wind
fulfill my nightingale’s song
through unpopulated stretches
in the mid-afternoon pause

I will never walk alone

when evening is done
your baby’s breath
lingers at my table
murmurs to the fading glow
of my bedside sconce

wake me by your jonquil sentinel
at the gate of passing winter
it holds this day
and quiets down
until the last bloom
exhales into summer

Liz translates her poetry into French, Italian and has started to translate into German. She also translates noted poets as A. Rimbaud, Mario Luzi and Eugenio Montale. Liz resides in Pleasanton, California. “A breath of spring”  first appeared in Las Positas College Literary Anthology, March 2005

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