Elegy on an Election

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Suddenly, i woke up
dead   shocked    lost
the ground beneath me
was gone, but i sensed there
was something better and
i found the dead man a
wake! My sigh of sorrow
turned into a ball of
fire! And it felt like the
dead were unquestionably unwoke.

There’s a crack in ever
ything. That’s how the light
gets in. * As innocent
as day break! As fresh as

morning dew!

The following individuals from across the globe contributed to this group poem:

Nabeel Jawlani , Christine Schuster Hatch, Joanna Howard, Yuichiro Kosakai, Tariq ElHadary,  Anthony Bernier and Mike Maggio.  *Scott Lawrence Whitman contributed the lines by the late Leonard Cohen.

Poem edited by Mike Maggio

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