Don Carlson

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A Father’s Lament

Why am I sitting here,
listing to all this @$%^#&*   }#{>.
Oh! I’ve hurt your feelings
I’ve used the word NO!
I Don’t understand;
I’m not willing to listen;
I don’t care;
I’ve heard all this before.

Where were you
when things needed to be done?
What’s your standing,
in school, or outside,
what about your attitude,
or the;
“I’m not talking to you” curse?

What you don’t seem to understand is:
I’m here to fill your needs
not your wants.
Something is given
or done as a return,
for something needed
to be completed, or accomplished.

I guess I’ll stay this unwanted,
un-heeded soul.
But I can sleep at night knowing that,
I’ve been just in what I’ve handed-out.

© Nov 2003 D. L. Carlson
Poetry of DC

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