Dennis Price

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A poem should be like a kiss   

A kiss can be a spark
From which forest fires explode
Or a fuse is lit.
Generations of calamity
Or celebration
May flow from one.
So can a poem
Fire up every gland.

A kiss can be
A peck on the cheek
A formality
Cold as a corpse
So too can a poem
Be no more
Then gold fish colliding

They smack,
They suck,
They tickle
They may have no rhyme,
They may be music
They can be silent
Fast as a word,
Long as a Bible
Kisses can be colorless
Or bright as lipstick,
Poems are as varied as pebbles

Safe to do
A basket of germs
A bad idea after garlic
Across races,
Between species
Bestowed upon the inanimate.
When you think
All you need is a pair of lips
To recite or kiss,
You haven’t done before

© Dennis Price  2014

Dennis Price is a general contractor, radio host and a father.  A Dyslexic, in his spare time he writes poetry of doubtful quality but which is  surely a personal joy to do.  His web site is and the general contracting number  for Home improvements by Dennis Price is 703-629-6417.

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