The Meursault Investigation

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If you’ve read Albert Camus’s The Stranger, you are bound to like The Meursault Investigation, Kamel Daoud’s response to Camus.

You can read my recent review of this new classic in the Washington independent Review of Books and you can purchase the book directly from the My Favorite Books widget on this page.

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An Interview on CTV

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On May 11, I was honored to be a guest on Sistah Joy Alford’s TV program, Sojourn With Words, which airs on CTV, Prince George’s County cable television, out of Largo, Maryland. During the program, I had the opportunity to discuss my new book of poetry, Garden of Rain, as well as my novel The Wizard and the White House. Our discussion also centered around community activism and working with community based organizations. In addition, I read a couple of poems from the book.

The interview is available for viewing on YouTube. I hope you will have the opportunity to view it.

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Yes, Crooked, a fitting title for a novel that features none other than Richard Nixon as its hero. For all you Nixon “fans,”  here’s my review of this strange novel, featuring the devilish ex-president as a Russian pseudo-spy and Kissinger as a 1,000 year old demon.

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Invitation to a Reading

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Beyond Baroque Reading

Beyond Baroque Reading

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ARES Magazine Reviews The Wizard and the White House

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I just came across this recent review of The Wizard and the White House that appeared in ARES Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

The message Mr. Maggio imparts is one of fellowship and acceptance despite superficial differences. There is even empathy for the political class being driven by ambition as well as difficult circumstances and choices. Finally, Mr. Maggio also highlights the cyclical nature of life and politics as usual.

…I hope The Wizard and the White House is a harbinger of stories to come. Going into the second decade after September 11, 2001, perhaps other authors will begin to reflect and write about a time when it seemed we all lived under a long, strange spell.

A well -thought out and fair review.

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Grace Cavalieri Reviews Garden of Rain

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Grace Cavalieri, producer of "The Poet and the Poem" which airs onpublic radio from the Library of Congress, has a review of Garden 
of Rain in today's edition of The Washington Independent Review of  Books. 

Upcoming readings from Garden of Rain include Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles on August 16, Shirlington Library in Virginia on September12, and Kensington Row Bookshop in Maryland on March 30.


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A Poem from Garden of Rain

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Here’s a sample poem from my new collection, Garden of Rain.

truth is
i forget i love you


i forget
the trees
we planted
in our little forest

the raindrops
we gathered
on those grey-washed days

these days

when anger clouds your face
like a frenzied storm

when selfishness
seizes me
steals me
to my perfect, lonesome hell

truth is
we think we love
when what we love
is love itself

when we forget
the you in me
the I in you

paring through this diaphany
of grief and joy
peeling away
the layers
like the skin of a wild onion
struggling to reach
the succulent core

truth is
i forget to love

i forget
that moment
un jour
mi’ amore
when at first
at last
i knew

© 2015 Mike Maggio

Signed copies of Garden of Rain are available by ordering directly from here:

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A God In Ruins

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A God in Ruins, the latest novel by Kate Atkinson, is an incredible and complicated story that explores the life of one man who was changed by World War II and its aftermath. You can read my review in the Washington Independent Review of Books. Highly recommended.

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untouched victim

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In memory of those who died in 9/11

In memory of those who died in 9/11

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A Link to Last Night’s Show

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Here’s a link to the podcast and some photos from last night’s Radio Hotline with Dennis Price. Scroll down until you get to May 12th.



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