Springtime in Winter Makes the Washington Post

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Here’s an article that appeared in Sunday’s Washington Post. Springtime in Winter will be performed once more at this Saturday’s Poetry Festival, a Poetry Society of Virginia event, at Northern Virginia Community College – Loudoun Campus. Come one, come all. The event is free and open to everyone.



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Call for Poets

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Please join me for our fourth annual month-long celebration of National Poetry Month. Once again, I will be hosting 30 for 30 on my website where, each day during the month of April, a new poem by a different author will be published. This year’s theme is Wildest Poems

To participate, please follow these rules:

  1. Send an email to mikemaggio@mikemaggio.net stating your intent to participate. Do not send any poems at this time.
  2. The fist 30 poets who respond to this call will be selected to submit one original poem. Send me the wildest poem you’ve ever written: the wilder the better.
  3. Once the roster of 30 has been filled up, I will randomly assign each one a day on which their poem will be posted.
  4. Poets will submit their poem to me one day before it is to be posted. Only one poem should be submitted.
  5. All poems must be by the submitting author. Poems can be any style, any length and should not contain any racist or sexist language. Previously published poems are acceptable as long as you identify where it was published and as long as you own the rights.
  6. Poems should be submitted in a Word file (not in the text of the email). If you do not use Microsoft Word, please save you file in RTF format.
  7. Poets should include a short 2-3 line bio to be included with the poem. A copyright statement should also be included.
  8. All rights automatically revert to the author.
  9. To promote community and discussion, readers will be able to post comments on the web site about the poems that are posted.
  10. At the end of the month, readers will be asked to vote on the poem they liked the best.
  11. The poet with the most votes will receive a signed copy of my novella, The Appointment (Vine Leave Press) to be published in May 2017.
  12. All poems will be archived on the site.

If you have any questions, please email mikemaggio@mikemaggio.net.

Thanks and I look forward to reading your wonderful poems.


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Flag Burning

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I can’t burn your flag

just watch

I am the anti-Christ
you say
I am the radical terrorist
waiting to shoot down
your twisted idea of democracy
I am the welfare mother
sucking on the swollen tits of your craven civilization
I am the feeble elder
whose sweat-earned pension
you say drains the nation’s budget
I am the drug-scarred ghetto boy
the black-skinned whore
the mambo motherfucker
you would kick out
despite the fact that I raise your children
scrub your dishes
and mop up the shit you create day after day

as I strike the match
ignite the red, white and blue
as the flames rise up like hellfire
lick the cloth you would gag me with

and when I rap
you tremble in your spit-shined shoes
and when I speak up
you cry foul
when I fight back
you unfurl your laws
search for ways to tie me down
you have been sent by the grace of God
you are the savior of all that is good
you have come on your sanctimonious mission
to set things right
to save us from our wretched selves.

Listen now
as the flag bravely curls up
then cowers
to the crackling flames

and you would safeguard me
by denying my rights
you would protect me
by filling the streets with guns
you would jail me
for being poor/black/brown
for refusing to play your game
pray your religion
give up the pittance you dole out
in the name of God and the People

the people?
the people, you say?
as if IBM personifies the people!
as if AT&T represents the people!
as if the NRA
the Heritage Foundation
the so-called Christian Coalition
give a shit about the people!

and you say I can’t burn your flag?

well here is my reply to your two-tongued promises
here is my response to your soft, serpent lies
here is my answer to the threats you perpetrate
in the Name of God and the People

I will be the proud anti-Christ
I will be the radical terrorist
I will set your flag aflame
right here in your own backyard

just watch

as the raging flames consume
the banner of your hypocrisy

from deMockracy, Plain View Press, 2007
© Mike Maggio, 2017

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What to Do On Inauguration Day

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Wear black.
Tell your friends you’re in mourning.
Shed a tear
but don’t let tears blind your way.
Fly the flag at half-mast.
If you have a pennant for your lapel,
wear it upside down
or pin directly to chest:
the blood will remind you of what you have lost.
Don‘t read the news or watch TV.
Instead, bombard them with emails and reminders:
they are responsible for your grief.
Write a letter to your congressman.
Tell her of your sorrow and pain
and ask for a waiver.
Then tear it up and toss it:
sooner or later, it will wind up in the trash.
At lunchtime,
go on a fast.
This will prepare you
for the trials to come.
When dinner arrives,
offer your hunger to the poor.
Feel righteous as you watch them nourish,
for your turn soon will come.
When the day is over,
extinguish the lights
and lie in darkness.
This will surely enlighten you
for the days that lie ahead.

© Mike Maggio 2017
January 2017

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Springtime in Winter – An Ekphrastic Study in Art, Poetry and Music

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The Poetry of Society of Virginia – Northern Region
Reston Art Gallery
cordially Invite you to

Springtime in Winter – An Ekphrastic Study in Art, Poetry and Music


Cathy Hailey
Don Carlson
Steve Bucher
Susan Notar
Jack Underhill
Stanley Galloway
Bennie Herron
Mike Maggio

Gail Axtell-Erwin
Dorothy Donahey
Ronni Jolles
Joan Kelly
Maggie Stewart
Roberta Thole
Wayne Schiffelbein
Pat Macintyre

with original music composed by
Jesse Guessford
Brian Scarbrough

performed, under the musical direction of Bette Gawinksi,
by The Herndon High School Quintet
Sarah Przybysz
Michelle Tran
Mary Ogborn
Christina Ngo
Karim Maggio

When:             Sunday, January 22, 2017 from 2-4 PM
Where:            11400 Washington Plaza, Reston, Virginia, 20190  Tel: 703-481-8156
For more information,  contact this email address.

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Born In America

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I was born in America.
America is a foreign land.

I was taught to worship freedom.
But freedom was a flimsy word
whistling on the raging wind.

I was taught that liberty
was the proud offspring
of our forefathers.

But liberty was the bastard child
slyly aborted
in the place where I was born.

In America,
they speak with glib tongues.

In America,
they show you pictures
and sing songs.

In America,
they build shrines
and flock like pilgrims
to grovel and worship and blindly applaud.

In America,
they give you credit
and from that credit
you are forever beholden
to their golden debt.

In America,
they let you speak,
but when you speak
you are branded freedom’s enemy.
And the enemies of freedom
are the enemies of the land
where I was born.

Born in America,
there are no guarantees.

Born in America,
the native peoples
were herded and corralled.

Born in America,
the children of immigrants
illuminated by Our Lady’s beacon
were beaten and jailed.

Born in America,
the children of poverty
were harnessed and abused
deprived of their humanity
drugged and sexed and raped and plundered.

And when their value faded,
they were stripped of their dignity
discarded like refuse
tossed in the streets
to wither and die.

For to be born in America,
where freedom is a whore
to lure the masses,
is to be born in a prison
in the foreign land
where I was born.

I was born in America.
America is a foreign land.

America is a land
where dreams are raised and slaughtered.

America is a land
where puppets prance on Satan’s string.

my lover
jilted me
left me worthy of no other.

I was in love with America
but America was a strumpet
gaily glittered in silver and gold.

I was mesmerized by America
but America snapped her fingers
and stirred me from my senseless dreams.

I was born in America.
I was torn in America.
I was scorned in America.
I was forlorn in America.

I was born in America.
And America is a foreign land.

© 2017 Mike Maggio


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The Appointment

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Coming in May 2017

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Post-Election Haiku by Dennis Price

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Here are some haiku Dennis Price wrote right after the election.


You have won the wheel
Now through storm and sun you steer
Don’t run yourself over

Egg of Hope

Broken egg today
Your yokes membrane still intact
Fry sunny side up

Red and Blue

You are black and blue
Your loss is not the end of life
Just tide’s in and out


A half is not all
So We shall hold our tempers
Temper your mandate


From the shattered shell
Avoiding sharp hard fragments
We must pick the meat


A Peaceful transfer
Is foolishly mistaken
For a sleeping dog

Broken Dam

When water gushes
We should all bring enough stone
So neither one drowns

© Dennis Price 2016

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Press Release: Springtime in Winter

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“Winter into Spring” detail, painting in process by Joan Kelly

Poets & Painters at Reston Art Gallery & Studios January 2017

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Adam Levon Brown, poet and provocateur, has put together an anthology of poems called #NOTMYPRESIDENT.  It includes poems by C. Steven Blue, Claudine Nash, myself and many others. Available for $6 on Create Space.

Check it out and long live the resistance!



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